Vanessa Nakate on COP26 and Climate Finance

Vanessa Nakte appeared on BBC Today programme yesterday. As a speaker, writer and activist she analysed and highlighted the importance of understanding Climate Finance and how it works.

“We are at a place of commitment, a place of promises” she said.

She explained the importance of Climate Finance, not least for vulnerable communities and countries at risk of or already experiencing extreme weather events. She explained as things stood yesterday, 100 billion had been promised to be given to vulnerable countries and their communities but that they were still waitng and that this had been delayed to 2022.

Her words made it crystal clear how important Climate Finance is. A seperate fund for loss and damage and to protect communities through what is known as mitigation and adaptation.

Uganda is heavily dependent on agriculture. I shall be reading her book and will continue to listen to her.

As I write her website is temporarily offline. No doubt being updated with latest developments. One of her books is called “A Bigger Picture”.

This blog is my commitment from where I’m standing Vanessa. Link to her book here:

A Bigger Picture by Vanessa Nakate – 9781529075687 – Pan Macmillan

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